Return Policy

1.1. The customer has the right to return the Goods within 14 days of receipt of the Goods if the purchase of the Goods (conclusion of a sales contract) has been made via the Internet or other means of communication, in particular through the vganton environment.

1.2. The returned Goods must be in the original packaging, unused, undamaged and unopened,  the damage or removal of the plastic package is also considered to be the opening of the packaging  (unless it is not possible to examine the Goods in any other way than by opening the packaging and/or by using the Goods)

1.3. A declaration of withdrawal must be sent to vganton by e-mail at the within the time limit (i.e. within 14 days). The usual costs of the item return are covered by the Customer. The cost of transport for returning the Goods is not to be reimbursed.

1.4. The Goods to be returned can only be exchanged for the new product if agreed upon, or from the product scope of the ganton e-shop. The cost of delivery of the interchangeable product is paid by the Customer. does not undertake to enable the Customer to exchange the Goods with another Goods.

1.5. If the returned Goods have deteriorated due to circumstances not due to but due to unintended use of the Goods or other circumstances (e.g. the packaging is damaged, the product is scratched or has other clearly visible traces of use) that do not allow the Goods to be considered new and to offer it for sale to the next Customer, vganton has the right to set off the amount paid by the Customer for the product to the extent of the decrease in the value of the product with the amount to be returned to the Customer or refuse to take back the product.

1.6. In case it appears that the has the right to refuse to take back the Goods but the Customer has delivered the Goods to the possession, the Customer undertakes to come after the Goods in question to the office within 7 days after the has sent the corresponding decision to the Customer or to pay a separate postal cost to, in which case the resends the Goods to the Customer after payment of the postal cost by the Customer according to the delivery method chosen by the Customer.

1.7. In the event that the Customer wishes to return the Goods using the right specified in clause 1.1 of these Conditions, the Customer may bring the returned Goods to the showroom of the Goods V & G ANTONI located in Maakri 19, 10145 Tallinn or send the Goods by post to vganton. In this case, the entire cost associated with the return is borne by the Customer.


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