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All jewellery in our shop is made in Estonia, in our own jewellery workshop.

The modern world of high technology and mass production gradually loses the fundamental value – personal individuality. We produce our jewellery in accordance with the classic traditions of the Art of Jewellery. Our craftsmen manually create every bijou using only precious stones. The design optimally highlights the natural beauty and nobility of the precious stones and metals. Each precious stone is unique; therefore, there are no similar products in our shop. Both fans of luxury and chic and admirers of classical tradition will find here the best choice of items with diamonds.

We try to serve people individually. In the cosy atmosphere of our shop our professional consultants will help you make the right choice. We can adjust any of the products in our shop to your size.

Purchasing a bijou can become the first item of a jewellery set.

In addition to bijoux you will note a unique collection of gold leaf engravings. Using our technology, we are able to put any image on gold. You may become the owner of a sole engraving or picture made in according with your design. Photos on gold leafs seem uncommon and expensive – everything depends on your wishes only.

We offer special discounts to our loyal clients. Purchasing your first bijou in our shop you receive a discounting card that will be exchanged with a “Golden Client Card” after four purchases. The Golden Card grants a permanent discount of 15 percent and other campaign-specific discounts.

Jewellery is the best and most appreciated gift, but sometimes it is quite difficult to choose an appropriate item. If you do not know the style and wish of the person to whom you want to give the present, and fear making the wrong choice, then you will need Gift Cards. The holder of a Gift Card may choose whatever bijou he or she likes.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our jewellery shop and our consultants will be happy to help you.